At this point of time of last year, i was just graduated from foundation, hesitating about my choice of course, contemplating in regards to future...

and here I am, gonna proceed to my sophomore year in two days time...

Geez. Time flies and always catches me in surprise. When i was so basking in what I am doing, time slips. When i notice this slip of time, it always doom me with loads of surprises...

How i wish Time can just stop awhile, let me have a chance to stop awhile too, let me get a chance to breath without worrying anything in the world.



Looking back the past time thru my posts, i've realised I have changed pretty lots...




Oh geez, i hope i can grow stronger as time flows. I hope i wont lose myself easily after awhile again...

Always, always need to remind myself to look back while moving forward.

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