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SIGH. it's midterm exam again.

i seriously hate exam.



i feel like...im obligated to stay at home during exam week...haha...though i wont study,still, i will stay at home...i will feel guilty if i go out >< just stay at home. read novel watch anime. bete than go out.



exam...make me eat ALOT. i mean it. ALOT. Appetite just bcame enormously big during exam week...>< i'll keep on finding food to eat....barely can concentrate if i don eat. yeah. bad habit. right. tak payah gam fei again.



normally , ppl wil feel stress durin exam n folo by ensuing insonmia. But, Me ...paiseh-ly tell u dat...i will sleep more than normal days do. LOL. exam ma...must sleep more so dat have enuf energy to use when answering Qs.



i tink this will apply to everyone...just cant enjoy well during exam. NOt dat i feel stress...it's just...i will guilty and bad AGAIN if i enjoy too much. freaky me.


to conclude, exam is VILLAIN.


P/S:: i finished my advanced english exam ady...1st time. i worry i cant even score half of the total marks. It's super duper HARD....sobx.


bless me.

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  • Oct 06 Mon 2008 21:31

could somebody gimme a permission to shout out a GIANT F word???


ARGH. it's so crappy! Traffic jam took me more than an hour to reach home from college. and hell i gotta go thru these for 2 more months. im very BEH SONG Ahh! y msia traffic is so......argh.i duno how to describe anymore.


bless me anyway.

Hope my patience can tahan for 2 more months for such traffic condition.

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HAHA. 4got to mention just now..



coz i love dat kind of feeling. touching , hugging is instant communication. u don hav to talk. just feel it.

i love it coz it's warm =)




how i wish i have a bf to cling on. sigh.


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HELP UC students are surprisingly hardworking. Yea. Dey, no no , its US r hardworking.

When i went to national library 2day,well, i actually bumped into a few frens of mine. Haha. All r here to find info to do research report. SEE. v r hardworking =)

Then, i met keng fui* (shud b spelled in ds way gua...) . I said hi to him. N his response was..."ooo.u r my coll mate a. no wonder u look so familiar to me. "

OMG. v have been same class for more than one month. yet, he din rmb who am i.

Hmmph. maybe it's my fault. i admit, i nvr talked to him b4 in past 7 weeks. ><" i guessed today was da 1st time i talked to him...how pathetic huh.

OKies. Past 7 weeks in college...i was like a....zombie.i guess. I study like usual. I talk when u talk to me. I answer ur Q when u ask me sth. i was like...lifeless,aimless at dat time.


BUT, im much bete now. hehe =)

im trying to go back...to my original path now. Guess a typical-quiet-gal image just don suit me >.<




i was amazed by some blacks' appetite btw.

Dey can eat alot. i mean it. ALOT. i saw 3 of dem, 2 gals, 1 guy actually ordered 2 sets of regular pizza n one set of large pizza...n dey can finish it. BRAVO ~!




oh yea. STEPHENIE MEYER's books are soooo great. extraordinarily GREAT. im so obsessed with dem ds few days.

TRUST ME. just read it n u wont sampai hati to put down dat book. They are just...amazingly NICE =)


tata 1st. haha. having on9 meeting now. ><

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i fall asleep at 8pm again yesterday. haha. too exhausted after being crazy for da whole day =P

Hehe. i hooked up with my gang yesterday n it was sorta fun. yea. i nvr felt in dat way since duno when.

Da happy feeling, da urge of talking, da smile i can give naturally. It's good dat i dun how to pretend to b happy.

Well, v sang L.O.K.E song again. hehehe =D

the late presence of LOKE excited us to the highest point of siao-ness. whoohooo~ xD

it's so good to shout all it out of my lungs. Truly.

After sing-shout-thingy, v gals n guys were separated into 2 gangs respectively & temporarily.

Guys headed to Time Square to have a pool, AGAIN. i wonder when dey wil just get sick of it. Maybe never, like shopping has d same effect on us, the gals =)

but, i nvr succeed in getting anything in Sg.wang. haha. Things ther just don right for me >< i felt so awkward at ther bcoz i was soooooo different from typical kind of them. I dont make up 9 9 like dem nor dress up like dem --> the lolita o seafood way. But, in their eyes, maybe my way of dressing up is odd too.  LOLx. who cares anyway.

Then, we met up at Pavilion n decided to dine in Madam's Kwan, so called 冠权的店。 we chated for kinda long. It had been a long time v din chat lidat...in such a big gang. V r separated since graduation. V r busy with our own study n future o work. There are alot in us,yet, i believe all ds reasons wont break our years friendship so easily. GUA.

AND YEA. one thing i must mention here, dat's v actually drove there. HAHA. 8 of us were squeeeeeezed into my lil Saga. LOL. Da drivers dat past by our car just burst out into laughter when seeing us squeeze in da car.

Well, it's nothing funny. It just...3 of us sat on da laps of another 3 of us. N bobo,again,had da credit to sit at da front seat, for his size's sake. N nelson was da driver.

Luckily he drove mannn. haha. coz i don hav confidence to control my car with sooo many ppl inside + i'd be very stressed up when i was asked to drive to da place dat im not familiar with.  Maybe it's yam yeng baaa...since da day i met car accident. i don drive uncessarily. i can giv u da car key if u nid my car, but, just don ask me to drive, if possible.

Overall, i had a gud,eventful day =)

haha. i macam writing primary skul essay nia =P

p/s:: hope ooileong can join us nex time...

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