Do u guys know how much you have affected me in my life ?


I have already started missing my bff.

Though some of them just leave KL for 2 days; some of them are leaving soon in this month.

Seeing my friend leave KL one by one, it makes me feel so sad. So sad. 

This time, we really have to part with each other, walk our own path, lead our own life.

How I wish i could stop the time, stay at the happy moment of us together.

But, I just couldn't do so. It is way beyond my capabilities.

Also, all of us gotta grow up, step out of the comfort zone. 

I couldn't be a kid anymore, insisting wanna stay with all of them together forever, resisting the change.

I can't.

I just can't.


However how sad I am now, I am still glad u play a role in my life before.

Thanks for being my friend;

May our path will come across again in the future.




Miss all of you.


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