WOW. can't believe my last blog was written last two months before...

i totally skipped November :O

Having a busy life huh.

However, i've managed to survive *Grin*

Here am I. still. alive. Takin deeeep deeeep breath. HAh ! feeeling fresh !!


November. Busy. Why. Assignments lor.

Then nida attend experiments. Den attended workshops. Den went to camp. Den celebrated besties' bdae. Den went to colloquium. Den yumcha whenever i was free. Den read manga like crazy. Den watch anime like nothing else i can do bsides dat. Den like that lor.

Totally utilised my time ! :)


I love my current life from bottom of my heart.

It's busy but i am happy. Probably coz i enjoy my life ? or...i reli grow alot of love to psychology...

That's why. I'm tired but i nvr tot of giving up. I just heart it.


Anyway, it's DECEMBER NOW.

 i still got my finals to go while every frens of mine have done with theirs :C ! * sniff sniff*

i wana finish this exam a.s.a.p.

den have nice n easy break ! and shopping. and sleeping. and lepaking. and yumcha'ing.


i will post a proper post next time,

when i m free. and feel like to do so =P

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