I've decided.

This post is going to be my Bye Bye post to this blog.


Dear blog, 

Thanks for being with me for so long. 

Thanks for giving me a place to express any unhappiness.

Thanks for giving me a space to breath and relax whenever i am so stressed up.

Thanks for listening to all my babbling without making me feel bad.

Thanks for everything.


Dear my readers,

Thanks for reading :)


I've decided to leave. To move on.

This blog is way too sad. 

The memories here are bittersweet, er, no, it is bitter more than sweet.

I've decided to leave and live at present and future.

I do not want to be all tied up with my sad pasts.


BYE BYE ! :)

I will live a livelier life, happier life from now onwards !


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understand my silence 



Screw you, who always thought that you understand me but actually you don't at all. 

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Do u guys know how much you have affected me in my life ?


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  • Jun 09 Wed 2010 00:45
  • 压力





我一直,一直深呼吸,就好像担心自己会随时喘不过气,随时离开人间 =.=|||






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At this point of time of last year, i was just graduated from foundation, hesitating about my choice of course, contemplating in regards to future...

and here I am, gonna proceed to my sophomore year in two days time...

Geez. Time flies and always catches me in surprise. When i was so basking in what I am doing, time slips. When i notice this slip of time, it always doom me with loads of surprises...

How i wish Time can just stop awhile, let me have a chance to stop awhile too, let me get a chance to breath without worrying anything in the world.



Looking back the past time thru my posts, i've realised I have changed pretty lots...




Oh geez, i hope i can grow stronger as time flows. I hope i wont lose myself easily after awhile again...

Always, always need to remind myself to look back while moving forward.

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  • Mar 22 Mon 2010 20:17
  • Colour

we hear of ppl saying they like pink. blue. green and whatever color you can name it. Sometime, people like more than one color. They just like things to be colorful.
Why wont us like the color difference anymore when it comes to skin?
Isn't it just a Color after all?

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When i was watching that movie....

damn. some psychological theories just kick into my mind ><

 bad bad bad habit. it just like....i will reli pay attention on the movie, analyse it, thinkin and finding reasons for each behaviours

wad de hell ! 

Ahh... this is the consequence when u reli into psychology huh. Kenneth shud love such a promosing student like me horh :P

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What if

I'm born with mesmerizing beautiful and face and sizzling hot body

Will i have a happier life?

Will i laugh more than i do now?

Will i have better than what i have now?


Convince me . Outlooking is not important.

Convince me !

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Oh well, it's Chinese New Year again...and this holy festive had me gone through alot of dilemma each day. 

Everyday, everyday of this week, before i go out, i will have to think should i go or not. What pulling me behind is the coming midterm and assignments due date * roll eyes*

And, eventually, i will choose to go out. Reason? frens weigh more than study during this cny perhaps?

I'm thinking, if i don't get to see them, play with them in this CNY, do I still got such a chance in comin years, especially with some many frens around?

Answer is probably No. 

So, there I go. Say BB to my text book and assignment and chao to frens' hse... By the time i get home, it probably is ard 4am already =/ such a lifestyle makes me damn lethargic these 2 days. Serve me right though =.=lll

During the house visiting, i notice that my temper gets worse. My tolerance is decreasing. Ughh. Trivial matters piss me off easier and easier...pathetic huh.

Also, life seems not easy for some of my friends easily. Listening to them and their stories make me feel so powerless as i cannot do anything about wad had happened on them, but listen and only listen to them. I hate this kind of feeling of inadequate...That's why. I decided, i wont study counseling when comes to my master course. This is useless. So useless. 


Maybe. I'm just get tired of everything now. I'm tired.

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Nobody is a virgin.

Life fucks everyone.



The more i read this quote, the more i like it !

It reflects everyone's life. 

Everyone has a screwed up moment in their life, no ?




My life is no good recently.

no good.

Pray for me. Thank you.

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This was the first time how i wish myself take up Nursing course instead of psychology.

The thought kicked in when i was reading news about Haidi's earthquake :(


Looking at the sad victims' face, wounds, agony, what i can do is feeling sad over it. Nothing else.

This has left me feel so mou yong, so incompetent, so useless. 


I have no religion. So, even if i wish to pray for them, i do not know who should I pray to.




This is why how i wish i am a nurse or whatsoever medic related practitioner so that i am able to give helps to whose are really in deed right now.....



Emo now.

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  • Jan 10 Sun 2010 22:12
  • Life.





" Don't compare your life with others.

'Coz u have no idea what their journeys lead to. "



So true.

But how many of us realise that?

Alot of us love to compare our lives with others, get jealous over richer life, or always complain that his/her life is so bad as compared to others.

I wonder, why some people just are not able to treasure what they have right now?


On the other hand, there are people who always compare their life with poorer people and thinking it is so lucky that they are not in the poor's shoes. Worse comes to worst, some even look down at others' life.

Self-fulling and self-centered thoughts like these will lead these kinds of people to have a tumultuous change in the future. We will not know the change is good or bad before the arrival of that.



Balance ya way of thinking

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  It is so hard to take a good photo.


Photography somehow resembles the reality of life. Most of the time, U r not given second chance once u miss out the given opportunity, or u make a mistake.

Sometime, things just happen out of sudden and u have to be alert and flexible enough to make the best decision in the blink of eyes.

Just like the fireworks photograph that i have taken back then.

It was a pain in the ass. Seriously. Coz it was such a failure.

Looking at these photos, it had me reckoned those regrettable yet unchangeable decisions and mistakes that i have made in life. 

There is no retake for most of the moments in life.


All i have captured is the scene after firing of fireworks. Just like how i stand still at the point i made mistake, feel regret over the mistake.




I started my new year with sorrow.



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  • Dec 30 Wed 2009 21:21


新的开始? 哈哈!好老土的说话!






寻找着下一个决定 :)




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