Ishhh. Each of my thighs got >10 red spots now

all these are mosquitoes' bites

all the bites on my thighs are not residing though it had have been there for days.


WHAT CAN I DO ???? itchy lar ;(

damn da mosquitoes.

.   .   .

Jz started my degree course last week.

aww yea i m so into psychology now =)


.   .   .

and and and, celebrated my 19th bdae last week toooooo.

it was a B.L.A.S.T !!!

thanks to my buddiesssss for it. i was truly happy for it.

will update more on ittttttt soooooooon. haha.

datz y i m so scared of moving on, of losing u now.

.   .   .

now ar...

belanja u minum Miso soup 1st larh. haha coz im so tired now. not in da mood to write out anything...



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