Oh well, it's Chinese New Year again...and this holy festive had me gone through alot of dilemma each day. 

Everyday, everyday of this week, before i go out, i will have to think should i go or not. What pulling me behind is the coming midterm and assignments due date * roll eyes*

And, eventually, i will choose to go out. Reason? frens weigh more than study during this cny perhaps?

I'm thinking, if i don't get to see them, play with them in this CNY, do I still got such a chance in comin years, especially with some many frens around?

Answer is probably No. 

So, there I go. Say BB to my text book and assignment and chao to frens' hse... By the time i get home, it probably is ard 4am already =/ such a lifestyle makes me damn lethargic these 2 days. Serve me right though =.=lll

During the house visiting, i notice that my temper gets worse. My tolerance is decreasing. Ughh. Trivial matters piss me off easier and easier...pathetic huh.

Also, life seems not easy for some of my friends easily. Listening to them and their stories make me feel so powerless as i cannot do anything about wad had happened on them, but listen and only listen to them. I hate this kind of feeling of inadequate...That's why. I decided, i wont study counseling when comes to my master course. This is useless. So useless. 


Maybe. I'm just get tired of everything now. I'm tired.


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